Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bikram's Yoga 1st Attempt Successful!

Well, a few ladies from our group decided it was time to ring in the new year right! We headed up to Bikram's Yoga in Walnut Grove (by the way they have awesome introductory rates if you've never been!).

I didn't really know what to expect - I've heard it's hot hot hot, and yes that is true! Someone told me to bring a puke bucket - this is not true. GROSS!!!

I was welcomed by friendly staff, who explained everything to me and helped me mentally prepare. It was 90 minutes of excellence. We did our breathing and movements, stretching oh my god stretching! I never knew I could move my body in some of those ways, whew what a workout I tell you! I sweat a lot, my towel and mat were soaked...I decided I need a fluffier towel to work on, and not to wear so many clothes! I was very much overdressed with full yoga pants and a tshirt. OK, I totally had no clue! LOL

I am going again today, if that is testimony as to how good it felt during, and afterwards. One thing I really look forward to is that you aren't allowed to talk in the yoga room, ahhhh silence (says the mother of two boys).

I hope you will consider doing this activity for yourself soon, it is a treat! :)

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