Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Last Post of the Year 2010!

Well, it's that time of year to reflect on what I have learned about myself, family, health and fitness; and redirect my focus onto my new goals for 2011.

Recently I became part of an amazing group of women in this 90Days2Life group, we support each other, use one another for resources and ideas, and developed many friendships. This is a big part of my life NOW, and future. We have a goal to become healthier and more nutrionally focused individuals, educating our families and loved ones. We give ourselves goals and challenges to keep ourselves motivated, I have to say though the best part is being able to get together regularly and offer support in person. No, we didn't have to pay for this to get started, no we don't have to buy anything, and NO - there is no such thing as failure.

I would love for more women to get involved in our group, there is no start/finish date, you can come and hang out anytime. Why not! Kids are allowed if you are in need of care, we laugh sometimes till we cry, we share and it's so healthy physically and mentally. But you have to be ready. Ready for what? Ready to start putting yourself first. I'd like to say mom's in general, but any women/men fall into this too, where we put the needs of our partners/children first. You know, ballet, gymnastics, soccer, hockey, playgroups etc.

We are always trying to give ourselves and our children the most options in life, the best experiences. But what about you? About me? Where do I fit? Right now, for me, this time with the other women in our group is about ME. I have my 2 hours once a week to start changing the way I think, to start planning things that I want to do, me. Yes I have children, and a husband and with that many things to do...but guess what. THEY support me - I forget that.

I do have a few goals for this coming year though, some may call them resolutions but I prefer goals. This year, I have told my loved ones what is important to me to feel complete...have you? Here's mine:

  1. Teach my youngest to talk! Man this has been a challenge...he's really lazy. Ya I know, enjoy it while it lasts etc but truthfully he is such a sweetheart in every way I can't wait to hear his words come next.
  2. Lose the baby weight! Carson is almost 2...calling it baby weight is a stretch, lol! Goodbye 40 pounds in 2011
  3. Complete the Sun Run in April!

Three simple things, simple but important to me. No need to make it complicated right?

With that, I leave 2010 departed with my final rant. I am no writer after all!

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  1. I love the yoga idea...may join you! You can do it!!!!