Benefits of personal goal setting:
  • Clear and focused direction giving a sense of security and purpose.
  • Maximum use of time.
  • Enthusiasm is high for what you want.
  • Moving steadily towards and achieving the results you really want and ultimate success.
  • Boosted self-esteem, confidence and belief in your ability to make things happen and feel in control.
Choosing Personal Goals

When you are developing your goals, you’ll want to give yourself a peaceful environment so you can brainstorm. And, you do want to brainstorm, which means: you write it ALL down, and you throw out nothing, no matter how ridiculous it sounds. When you try to mix brainstorming and practicality, you always lose the benefit of brainstorming. You’ll have time later to be practical with your list.

Sometime during this brainstorming exercise, you ought to do like Steven Covey recommends and visualize your funeral. What would be said about you if it were held today, and how does that differ from what you really want to be said about you? Did you leave your family with a financial situation that you really want them to have? From my own experience, I mustily sadly suggest that you also visualize the funeral of your dearest loved ones. You may think you are being as good to your family as you can be, but I assure you that you will wish you had done far more for them if you lose one of them.

Dream of everything you want, and have always wanted in every facet of your life.
Consider what you would do if you had no limitations. Consider what you would do, be, have if money and health (for example) were not obstacles for you. Also, think about the people you admire and what it is that they have, do, and are that you want to emulate. Note that you might even want to consider one of these people to be your mentor, to help you think through these areas (at least partly), and to tell you what he/she has found to be effective for them.
One convenient way of creating your list of goals is to fill in the blanks under the following categories:
  • What you want to BE
  • What you want to DO
  • What you want to HAVE
  • What you want to GIVE
  • What you Don’t want to BE, DO, HAVE, and GIVE
Other goals to consider establishing (In no specific order)
Family & HomePhysical & Health
Finance & Career
Social & Cultural
Mental & Educational

I found these ideas from a blog run by Arina Nikitina, if you like her ideas as much as I do, check her out
 http://www.goal-setting-guide.com/  .