Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Physical Kinda Day

I've had a personal trainer appointment booked for some time now at Fitness World where I am a member and between Carson getting sick, and the trainer getting sick, our reschedule appointment ended up being rescheduled for yesterday...the same day I'm supposed to try this boxerfit class at 30min Hit.  Yikes!

Of course the Fitness World Trainer (Tracy) was not going to let me go easy on all the new fabulous moves she was teaching me - I seriously never would have thought to do these cool movements she was showing me, and look forward to putting these to work on my own on Friday!  I only wish I had an extra $1800 lying around to work out with her 3 days a week - but I will just have to take what she's shown me and implement for now and maybe in a month or so Corbin (Manager of FW) will have some specials for us 90 Days 2 Life existing members...he did hint at this yesterday!  Watch your emails ladies, he's got something in the works for us 90 Days members who were already a Fitness World member...or rather save the dates March 21 and 22nd - not sure what he has planned, but he was pretty excited about it :)

The 30min Hit club was a workout I've never had to do before, oh my goodness!  2 minutes at each station, boxing style movements and cardio for half an hour, holy sh#t!!!  I highly recommend getting into a class if you can, although they do not do drop-in appointments right now, I'm really hoping they will consider it down the road.  This for me is a perfect style class to mix up the everyday workout - you know that feeling of just kicking butt on something, feeling extra strong and aggressive?  This class does it - totally.  The only thing I forgot about was stretching afterwards, and yes, I am very sore because of it today!

So where am I at today?  Since January I am down 12 pounds, but I don't get too concerned over the scale and weight numbers.  What is more important to me and I feel everyone should re-focus themselves on this too, is the inches lost.  I-N-C-H-E-S.  I'm now wearing Medium sized shirts, fabulous!  And I'm down 2 sizes in the waist, fabulous again!

My husband has treated me to a shopping spree in the US, and in fact some of the new clothing I bought at Victoria's Secret is already showing to be too large in the width...sorry hun!  Well, not really :)

And mentally I feel like I could do just about anything, confidence, energy and attitude - it's all there.