Sunday, January 16, 2011

Feeling Great!

Feeling great has its advantages, like energy levels, positive outlooks, and an overall healthier attitude.

Every day that I do some kind of physical activity I feel great, when I don't have the opportunity to fit any in...I feel sluggish.

This past week with the stomach flu still making rounds in my house, there just was no time to get any yoga or exercise in.  Sad!  And I was totally in a blue mood too!

Got out to Yanick's bootycamp on Saturday, needed that - incredible!  And this morning was Sun Run Training.  Yes, I can hardly move my limbs now - two days in a row of hard exercise, but I am NOT complaining!!!

As for hot yoga, I won't be able to continue this new favorite activity of mine.  It is too time consuming of my evenings and there is no childcare option for daytime classes...if anyone knows somewhere that does offer this, LET ME KNOW! 

I was downtown with a girlfriend of mine yesterday...downtown Vancouver.  Cannot remember the last time I had a chance, no kids, to go and shop, walk, talk and take in the sights - it was pouring rain but even that didn't deter us!  We ended up in quite a few shops, and I did purchase a couple of "rewards" for my work this far!

Reward #1 - Yoga DVD.  Its called the blissology project - yoga, meditation and lifestyle with Eoin Finn.  Purchased at Lululemon.  Looks really interesting - two clerks saw me looking over the DVD set with interest and approached me saying they had done the set and absolutely loved it.  I explained about how I have really fallen in love with hot yoga and am struggling with finding time to incorporate it without abandoning my family weeknights...they said the DVD set will be just what I need.  There is a yoga disc to use each day, along with optional meditation exercises.  I almost cannot wait till tomorrow to start it!!!  Hmmmm

Reward #2 - a gorgeous sweater with tie wrap from Roots.  OMG it stopped me in my tracks, so adorable!  5 more pounds and it will fit amazing with a pair of dark blue jeans.  Dark blue jeans will be my next reward! 

To date, I have no idea what my weight is, could be, or how much I have lost.  I do know that I feel fabulous, have lost one waist size for sure, and even then I'm almost sure I could do another size down.  Goodbye 15, 13 is almost gone...11 is looking good for end of this month!

Nutritionally speaking, I really try to do my best each day with this, incorporating things I have learned from Andrea @ Life Designs.  I know I could do more, and look forward to Jan 26 and Feb 2 when we have 2 different nutritionists come to our weekly meeting to give us nudges in the right direction!

Hope to meet and inspire more people along the way, that is what life is about to me!  If you haven't been out to a meeting, come!  You are not behind for not having been to one, you are just missing out on what you can "take away" from it. :)


  1. So happy to hear you've rewarded yourself. It's so important to recognize how well you've done. YAY you :)

  2. How was the DVD??? So should we all run out and buy it? I am looking forward to finding that thing I MUST HAVE! So excited for the night with Andrea. That is my biggest struggle right now the variety of food to eat.