Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What a Day - Back to Reality!

Well today was finally the first day back to school, back to work, and for me back to my time! Except things have changed! Got the boys up and ready for school, yes even little C at 20 months old is going to school. There is a preschool type setting at a local school in Cloverdale that is totally free as long as you are staying with your child. It is fabulous, clean, organized and I've met a lot of new parents and kidlets!

So out the door we all go at 8:20am, drop one off then head to the other school to hang out for a couple of hours. Lil C however does not make it more than an hour from all the stimulation - this is fabulous for him! He's learning so much about behaviours and hopefully he will start talking soon! This is what a Tuesday morning looks like! This week we brought along a friends little girl too and hopefully they will come back with us next visit!

The rest of the day was kind of blah, I am looking for a nice template for my blog, have yet to find one I like so I played with those for a couple hours...yes hours...!!!

After dinner when hubby came home from work I got my stuff together and headed out for another hot yoga session - whew, am I ever really enjoying those! You sweat SO much, it feels like a cleanse after every class. I cannot understand why it took me so long to get started doing these! I think too many people gave me feedback on what they'd heard, you'll feel sick, it's too hot, it smells...seriously not listening to other people anymore. How many opportunities in life have I missed out on something that sounded interesting because someone else expressed their opinions and talked me out of it. Sounds familiar I bet...STOP listening to other people and START experiencing everything you can - you will love yourself for it.

So tomorrow brings a workout at the gym - just wish I had a bootcamp instructor to yell at me, then I know I'd push myself harder! (Bootycamp starts Saturday anyways!) I'm just going to the rec centre to use their gym. I can't be bothered to sign a contract to go use a facility somewhere, it feels like I'm being bullied or something! Weird, yes maybe!

In any case, to the girl who almost gave up in hot yoga class tonight, kudos to you for sticking it out - hope to see you again. Hope my blogging about my new fit lifestyle will inspire others to start one step at a time, stop making excuses - and start making time for you.

Love ya!

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